Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly is the Pillette Village Street Sale located?

Pillette Village Street Sale will be located between 4400 to 4900 Wyandotte Street East.

The tables will be set on the sidewalks on both the North and South side.

What are the hours?

Pillette Village Street Sale starts at 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday August 13th 2022.

What is the cost for guests to attend Pillette Village Street Sale?

There is no cost for guests and shoppers to attend the Pillette Village Sale.

It is raining today, is the Pillette Village Street Sale cancelled?

In the event that it is raining heavily on the date, the event will be pushed back to the rain date Sunday August 14th 2022. We will announce this as soon as possible on the website and on the Pillette Village social media platforms if this indeed does occur.

I want to sell things at the Pillette Village Street Sale. How much does a table cost?

Pillette Village Street Sale fees are based on the specific 8’ x 2.5’ table and costs $25.

You will be supplied with one 8′ x 2.5′ table and two folding chairs.

Please see our Vendor Application to apply and the rules for vendors.

Are there washroom facilities available?

Portable washrooms will be placed strategically along the street for your convenience. Please do not use the washrooms of the business’ of Pillette Village  unless in case of emergency. Businesses owners may allow you to use their facilities at their own discretion.

May I bring my pet?

Vendors are NOT allowed to bring animals to the Pillette Village Street Sale. Patrons are allowed to bring their pets while shopping outside.

Does the Pillette Village Street Sale allow smoking?

The Pillette Village Stree Sale occurs on a public street, which abides by the City of Windsor Laws. If smoking please be courteous of those around you. It is advisable that you smoke away from others.

Where do I park for the Pillette Village Street Sale?

While the street is open, it is advised that you do not park on Wyandotte Street while attending the Pillette Village Street Sale. It is best to find a spot on a side street. There is also parking at Reaume Park and they also have an overflow lot available.

I am interested in selling a food product at the Pillette Village Street Sale, is there specific information I should know?

Information concerning this is coming soon. Please use the contact form for direct inquires on our website.