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Minutes of Annual Meeting

Pillette Village Business Improvement Association
May 9, 2024

In Attendance: Danielle Ramsten, Terry Yaldo, Diane Beck, David Duke and Bridget Scheuerman

Approval of Minutes

  • Motion by Diane and seconded by Danielle to approved the minutes of the previous meeting. Passed

Financial Report

  • Bridget provided the following Financial Report
  • Bank Balance as of March 28, 2024 $40,157.07
  • Deposit HST Rebate for January to June 2023 $394.22
  • Outstanding Cheque Balance $16,884.99
  • Balance after outstanding cheques $23,666.30
  • Capital Works Balance $56,800
  • Bridget indicated that the 2023 Financial Records have been submitted to KPMG for Audit.
  • Motion by Diane and seconded by Danielle to accept the Financial Report.

Open Streets

  • Have City send Open Street Logos to David.
  • We need to determine the cost of the canvases for the two sites where visitors can paint on the canvas. Suggesting 48 x 48, but will check with Nancy Johns.
  • David will do an art demo.
  • Jazz Cats bad will be playing.
  • We need to get as many businesses as possible to participate.
  • City will be taking care of the advertising and Marketing, but we should do some for our areas as well.

Street Sale

  • Poster is ready and will be distributed after next Board meeting.
  • We will be getting 40 printed and asking the businesses to post in their establishments.
  • David has not done on line advertising, but will start now to get more vendors.
  • Update: The vendor list has soared past last year and now stands at 59.


  • David reported business as usual.
  • Is updating and reposting as information is received.
  • Social Media is getting bigger. Closer to numbers of other BIAs.
  • Getting more responses.
  • Businesses are promoted twice a week.

New Business

  • Bridget mentioned about the new recycling schedule and the need for business to apply to continue to get their recycling picked up. A question was asked about the apartments above the businesses and this has to be checked out.  Diane and Bridget may deliver letters, but not until almost the deadline.  Letter should be sent out by mail.  Update: Bridget talked with the organization in charge of this recycling and was told that the businesses had already been contacted and should know about the need to register.  They will also be putting a sticker on recycle bins the last pickup prior to May 24th.BIA sent out two emails to businesses as soon as we were advised.
  • Maintenance – Bridget will contact Terry Cloutier at Community Services to get a maintenance person.
  • Watering has not started, but will tomorrow or Saturday.

Meeting Adjourned