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Pillette Village Business Improvement Association

Board of Directors Meeting

August 10, 2023

In Attendance:  Danielle Ramsten, Diane Beck, David Duke, Terry Yaldo and Bridget Scheuerman

Regrets: Councillors Jo-Anne Gignac and Ed Sleiman, Peggy Winch


Approval of Minutes

  • Motion by Danielle and seconded by Diane to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. Passed.

Financial Report

  • Bank Balance as of June 30, 2023, $81,293.94
  • Total of outstanding Cheques $5,549.16
  • Balance after cheque $75,744.78
  • Capital Works Commitment $54,000
  • Available funds $21,744.78
  • Motion by Diane and seconded by Danielle to accept the Financial report. Passed.


  • Diane noticed that the signage for CNIB was gone and when she went to the office and knocked, no one answered. Website indicates that the office is permanently closed.
  • Bridget will contact Ryan to see what is happening.
  • Update: Bridget talked with Ryan and the office is still in place within the building. There were some renovations occurring and the signage was taken down and not replaced.

Street Sale

  • The map and instructions have been sent to all the vendors.
  • We will need 11 tables and 22 chairs.
  • Diane’s band, the Jazz Cats will play from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Terry will set up and take down the tables and chairs.
  • David emailed the vendors to ask them to send pictures and descriptions of their products and he would post this going into the sale. So far, he has had limited response.
  • He is a doing a countdown each day leading up to the sale.


  • David started Thread and it will take some time to build a following. Very slow at this point. He has been posting items.
  • The Welcome package should contain a sticker with a QR code and our logo and perhaps candy.
  • David will add a section to the website to post the Minutes of the Board meetings (Members Login). Will list minutes, area for businesses to include ideas and ask questions.

Capital Works Project

  • Still waiting for planters and Planning is hoping to get the planters and trees in place by Labour Day.
  • Awaiting quotes for banners and entrance markets. Wants to get everything from the same company to speed things up and for consistency.

New Business

  • Diane is not sure if the Coffee Shop will be opening. It appears too small and would require an accessible bathroom to get a license.  They only have a single sink, and they would need a double to meet code.
  • Building on the corner of Lawrence and Wyandotte has sold.
  • Bridget will contact Taric to get square footage of vacant spaces in the 4700 block, south side.

Motion to Adjourn

Next Meeting, Thursday, September 14, 2023, 4:00 p.m. at Hawkins Accounting