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Pillette Village Business Improvement Association

Board of Directors Meeting

July 13, 2023

In Attendance:  Terry Yaldo, Diane Beck, David Duke, Danielle Ramsten, Councillors Jo-Anne Gignac and Ed Sleiman, Bridget by phone

Regrets:  Peggy Winch (Amica)


  1. Approval of Minutes

  • Motion by Diane and seconded by Danielle to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Passed.


  1. Financial Report

  • Bank Balance as of May 31, 2023 $81,302.46
  • Outstanding Cheques $1,008.52,
  • Capital Works Commitment $54,000
  • Available Funds $27, 293.94.
  • Motion by Diane and seconded by Danielle to accept the Financial Report. Passed.


  1. Street Sale

  • Sign up has not been as good as last year.
  • OK for the food truck.
  • David is suggesting a social media boost of $50 to draw more vendors.
  • We have received a request from the Cancer Society to set up at our Street Sale. We should check with CNIB to see if they object to.  Must stipulate that Cancer Society cannot accept donations and can just give out information.
  • Ford City is having Dropped on Drouillard on the same day as our Street Sale, and that could be affecting our vendor numbers.
  • Some posters have been given out and we need to check with Shoppers to see if they will hand out postcards.
  • Businesses do know about it, but a reminder will be sent out.
  • Can put tables in the back room of Hawkins.
  • David will check to see if it is posted on TWEPI.


  1. Marketing

  • David has been promoting the Street Sale.
  • He is suggesting that the vendors can send information about whet they are selling, and the price range and he will develop a form that Bridget can send out to the vendors.
  • David commented on Threads and is looking into it. It appears to be competing with Twitter. David wants to know if there is a business side to Threads.
  • Riverside Magazine ad is too pricey.


  1. New Business

  • The clay pots have been removed.
  • Wall units still need to be removed. Terry indicated that he could do this by the end of the week.
  • Tariq Kahn is thinking of selling his buildings on the south side 4700 block as he cannot get steady tenants who will pay.
  • We should be posting vacancies on the website.
  • A coffee Shop is going where the Tattoo shop used to be on Pillette.
  • Ed asked if any new businesses are opening.


Motion to Adjourn


Next Meeting, Thursday, August 10, 2023, 4:00 p.m. at Hawkins Accounting