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Pillette Village Business Improvement Association

Board of Directors Meeting

April 12, 2023

In Attendance: Danielle Ramsten, David Duke, Diane Beck and Bridget Scheuerman

Regrets: Terry Yaldo, Councillors Jo-Anne Gignac and Ed Sleiman


  1. Approval of Minutes

  • motion by Diane and seconded by Danielle to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.


  1. Financial Report:

  • Bridget presented the following financial report
  • Bank balance as of February 28, 2023 $66,315.55
  • Deposits HST Rebate $1,801.81 and 1st Budget Installment for 2023 $20,000.00
  • Balance after deposits $88,117.36
  • Outstanding Cheques $3,094.92
  • Balance after cheques $85,022.44
  • Capital Works holdback $54,000.00
  • Available funds $31,022.44.
  • Motion by Danielle and seconded by Diane to accept the Financial Report.
  1. Parking Lines

  • Nancy Johns had asked if we could get lines demarcating parking spaces painted on Wyandotte. Bridget had looked into this prior to the meeting, and it was determined that due to the fact that we are not part of the City’s Parking Fund Program, we could not get these lines painted.
  • The alternative is to become part of the Parking Fund Program by means of have parking meters installed.


  1. BIA Governance Update

  • Bridget gave an overview of the status of the BIA Governance, and indicated that there have been zoom meetings with all BIAs represented, thus allowing input into the process.
  • Suggestions have been made to improve the document, that all BIAs will be following the same rules and procedures with regards to elections, Boards of Directors, voting, etc.


  1. Marketing

  • David has been putting the reels of some of the businesses on Facebook and they have been doing very well. They are getting in excess of 1,000 views for some of the businesses.  We need to keep this momentum going.
  • There is a need to focus on the vacancies in the area. We can highlight the various vacancies, and provide information as to square footage, potential rent/lease amount and what type of business would be suitable for the vacant spaces.


  1. Riverside Magazine

  • this item was tabled as Terry was to make the presentation.


  1. New Business

  • Danielle indicated that the garbage issue around their building is getting worse. Individuals are going through the garbage and throwing it everywhere.  We will contact Public Works to see if there is a solution to this problem.
  • It was suggested that we do a welcome package for new businesses. David will work on this.
  • Watering – we have to confirm who is doing the watering so that Bridget can confirm with Parks & Rec for the spring planting of flowers.
  • Street Sale– The Street Sale will be Saturday August 19, 2023 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Diane’s Band, the Jazz Cats will play again.  David will review all of last years marketing materials and make the necessary changes.  Spaces will go for $30 and $50 for a table.  Some people bring their own tables, so we will be charging $30 for the space and $50 for the space and a table.  Tents will be set up in Hawkins parking lot, and we will not be providing or ordering any tents.
  • We’ve Got Things is closing April 30th.
  • Tattoo’s & Things has left the area.



Meeting Adjourned