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Pillette Village Business Improvement Association

Board of Directors Meeting

March 9, 2023


In Attendance:  Danielle Ramsten, Terry Yaldo, David Duke, Diane Beck, and Bridget Scheuerman

Regrets:  Councillors Jo-Anne Gignac and Ed Sleiman


  1. Approval of Minutes

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.


  1. Financial Report

  • The financial report presented by Bridget was accepted.
  • Bank balance as of January 31, 2023 $65,006.24
  • Deposit of final 2022 Operating Budget of $2,000
  • Balance after deposit $67,006.24
  • Total for outstanding cheques $1,434.85,
  • balance after cheques $65,571.39
  • Capital Works commitment $54,000.00
  • Available funds $11,571.39
  • Pending HST Deposit $1,801.81
  • Total available funds $13,373.20.


  1. Capital Works Update

  • The planters and garbage receptacles purchase order is proceeding through authorization and signature stage and proceeding to final stages of procurement.


  1. Marketing

  • David has started doing the reels for the various businesses and there has been a noticeable uptick in people viewing the reels.
  • David asked if we should be using Tik Tok and it was indicated that Tik Tok is not government approved, and we should not use it.
  • This issue can wait until the City has completed their review of the BIAs.


  1. CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind)

  • Bridget provided an update on the research she has been doing with CNIB who have an office within Pillette Village.
  • CNIB would be very interested in partnering with Pillette Village and a meeting is planned for next week.
  • We will gather information at this point to review once the City has completed their review of the BIAs.
  • This could be a very good partnership.
  • Some suggestions were discussed as to fundraising.


  1. Review of Constitution

  • Board members were given a copy of the current constitution and asked to review for a future meeting which will be dedicated to adjusting the constitution to bring it up-to-date with mandates from the City and the needs of our BIA.


  1. New Business

  • Bridget suggested that we look at the Pillette and Wyandotte intersection with a view to improving safety at this location. We should contact Traffic to review this intersection.
  • It was suggested that we do welcome packages for new businesses.
  • Bridget asked if the next meeting could occur one or two days earlier in April, but it will also depend on the progress of the City.
  • Atomic Bongz is a new business located at 4685 Wyandotte East.


Meeting Adjourned