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Pillette Village Business Improvement Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 9, 2023


In Attendance: Diane Beck, Councillor Ed Sleiman, Terry Yaldo, Danielle Ramsten, David Duke and Bridget Scheuerman

Regrets:  Councillor Jo-Anne Gignac

  1. Approval of Minutes

  • Motion by Danielle and seconded by Diane to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.


  1. Financial Report

  • Bridget provided the following financial report
  • Bank Balance as of December 30, 2022 $79,216.11
  • Deposit final Operating Budget Installment $2,000
  • Total after deposit $81,216.11
  • Total of Outstanding Cheques $4,209.87 Balance after cheques $77,006.24
  • Total Capital Works Commitment $54,000.00, total after Capital Works $23,006.24
  • Pending HST Deposit $1,801.81 Total available funds $24,808.05
  • Terry asked about the Capital Works and when will being to pay it. Bridget indicated it will not commence until the work has begun, which will be this year, so at that time we will be required to provide the City with a cheque for $54,000.00, and then each year $10,600.00 will be withheld from our Operating budget for the next ten years.
  • Diane asked about the storage unit and offered a space beside her property, if we put up an enclosure, which would cost about $1,600.
  • Terry was asked about the Christmas decorations and why they were not put out, and he indicated that he was short staffed.
  • Motion by Diane and seconded by Danielle to accept the Financial Report. Passed.


  1. Capital Works

  • Bridget provided an update and indicated that the city was still sourcing the planters as the larger planters were too expensive and we would be very limited in where we would be able to place such large planters.


  1. Marketing

  • David did a Reel for Diane and it was well received. She indicated that there has been a good response.
  • Diane asked if where is any way that we can bring attention to the area as a whole.
  • It was suggested to send something to Biz X Magazine.
  • David asked if we wanted to pay for boosts, and it was agreed that we would.


  1. Summer Event

  • Bridget said that a letter is being presented to City Council asking that Open Streets be extended to include the east end of the City. Councillor Gignac asked the question and requested that Administration get back with a report on the route, costs and recommendations. Ed contacted Ray Mansour and we spoke to him on speaker about Open Streets.
  • Street Sale: We will do the Street Sale again this year.  David suggested not assigning the tables.  Terry feels this would not work.  Danielle said their parking lot will have more room this year.  We will not put tables on northwest side of Pillette.  Hours will be 9-2.  Ask the church if we can use their parking lot.  David suggested starting later, but we will leave it at 9 to get the early shoppers.  Will talk to Shoppers about this event and see how they can get involved.


  1. New Business

  • Ed asked about break-ins and vandalism in the area, and it was indicated that it seems to be quiet at this time.
  • There is a new business at 812 Pillette called Studio Ekletique, which specializes in furniture upholstery plus more.
  • Bridget suggested contacting the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, who have an office within our BIA with a view to sponsoring the training of a Guide Dog.
  • Terry said that a Windsor Police Officer will be assigned to our area and will visit the businesses from time to time to give a presence in the area. Constable Sean Patterson is the representative for our area.
  • David suggested talking with McDonalds to see if they would give out postcards for our area to their customers at their drive-in window to advertise an event. Contact McDonalds and Shoppers.


Meeting Adjourned