Louis' Restaurant

October 31, 1975 Louis restaurant opened its doors to the public! Serving only the best to everyone! We have been known for the best home fries in town and we are proud of carrying on the same tradition!

At a very young age, both my sister and I helped out, serving, cleaning, cooking and preparing meals! I must say as a child, we would have rather been playing with our friends. But we have learned so much along the way, and now we are so grateful! And here I am today, proud owner and honored to be second generation of this amazing local restaurant people refer to, as home away from home, where everyone is like family! Just like the tv show “Cheers” Hello, my name is Voula, (daughter of Louis and Christine Koufalis) carrying on everything that I was taught by my parents!

Hard work, good food, and happy customers, was and always will be our goal! We are proud to be a part of this great community and have had the pleasure over the years to serve and be a part of so many lives! We appreciate your continuous support!